Anonymous guest bloggers

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Have you ever wanted to write or say something on your blog, but held back from putting it out there because you weren’t quite sure how it would be received, or because you didn’t want your nearest and dearest reading it, or because it wasn’t quite in keeping with your blog, or simply because you just weren’t sure. I know there have been one or two blog topics that have crossed my mind, or that I have started writing only for them to be swiftly designated to the trash because of one of the above reasons.

But how would you feel if you were offered the opportunity to blog about it under the shield of anonymity? If you could actually sit down and type out that blog that you thought about fleetingly for that moment..

In 2014 My Petit Canard will be offering a monthly guest spot for bloggers to blog anonymously about anything and everything related to parenting and children. The only conditions are that they are in keeping with the topic of parenting and/or children, no profanity is used, it isn’t to the detriment of others (brands/organisations/people) and any images used are royalty free or attributable or your own. Other than that, the spotlight is quite literally yours!

If that has you sitting down drafting that blog that you have so perfectly crafted in your mind quicker than you can say “me time” then get in touch. You can contact me through the blog, via email or on Twitter.


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