Things we love.. Jo Jo Maman Bebe Canvas Summer Shoes

Jo Jo Maman Bebe Canvas Summer Shoes Front Shot

We are such fans in our house of these Jo Jo Maman Bebe Canvas Summer Shoes. So much so that the little lady is on her third round of them for the second year in a row. They are the perfect spring/summer shoes for an active toddler. The little lady started wearing them when she was one and she is just about to turn two! Whilst they are marketed as summer canvas shoes, the little lady has worn them well into the Autumn and Winter seasons with tights as I have always struggled to find other casual toddler shoes that compare. We’ve found them to be comfortable, durable and kind to little feet and we just can’t get enough of them.

Jo Jo Maman Bebe Canvas Summer Shoes Side ShotWhat attracted me to them initially was the simple classic design, wide range of colours and sweet prints such as the Ditsy floral print, Red and White Polka Dot and Navy pairs we just bought, and the Pale Pink and Red versions that we had previously. The little lady loves them and I love them too, which as any parent will know is a winning combination, especially those with growing independent toddlers! We always get lots of comments on them from friends, family and other mums, including those with little boys who usually ask me where they are from. Luckily the shoes are unisex so im sure they look great on boys as well as girls. They also do a soft baby version and a more sporty sneaker “a la converse” range of the shoes which are just as sweet. Whats even better is that they are such great value at only £12, and just in case you have trouble picking just one like I often do, when you buy two pairs you get £5 off. Dont all rush at once!

Jo Jo Maman Bebe Canvas Summer Shoes Red and White Polka DotJo Jo Maman Bebe Canvas Summer Shoes Ditsy

Jo Jo Maman Bebe Canvas Summer Shoes Navy

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Being a mother has changed me..

Being a mother has changed me, significantly and profoundly. I no longer want what I thought I wanted, and it has taken me almost a year to realise that. I headed eagerly back into the office after 10 months of maternity leave, desperate to get back onto the career ladder in a new role and a new organisation. I quickly proved myself and celebrated early successes. My drive and determination to carve out a successful career in the city paid dividends. But that success has come at a price to work life balance and family. Ironically I left my last role and previous employer to achieve work life balance and now it seems more elusive than ever. Alongside an already a tumultuous year where I have had to endure the pain of helplessly watching a parent deteriorate before my eyes, managed a house move and started the little lady in nursery, I have spent much of the last six months feeling overwhelmed, over worked, tired and frankly wondering whether it is all worth it. Over the last two months I have thought about work an awful lot, wondering whether I am being over dramatic and just need to suck it up, or whether what I want has changed. I went back to work because I wanted to feel fulfilled and I thought that the success, the status and the recognition would give me that. At times it has, but I’ve come to realise recently that I already feel fulfilled because I know what I can achieve and actually that is enough. Being a mother has changed me, significantly and profoundly.