25 things you’ll find yourself saying to a toddler all the time

I loved reading @ladyemsy post “Questions I Often Ask Myself Now That I’m A Mum” over at Tea Lady Mumbles earlier in the week so I thought I’d write a similar list. I tried to write a list of questions, but I got stuck at 8 and they were fairly droll and uninteresting – even I was bored reading them *yawn*. But I caught myself this weekend repeating the same phrases to my 23 month little lady over and over again so I decided to write about them and I found that once I started the phrases just rolled out. I can’t quite believe that I actually have 25 key phrases that have become a part of my daily vocabulary since I became a mum, but here they are;

1. Can you listen please

2. You’re not listening

3. Be careful!

4. No touching

5. Don’t put that in your mouth

6. Can you put it back please

7. Have some water

8. Have you done a wee/poo?

9. Eat your food, don’t play with it!

10. You can’t have cereal/ice cream (select inappropriate food) for breakfast/lunch/dinner (select inappropriate time)

11. Stop picking your nose!

12. Let’s wipe your hands/face

13. You don’t need that dummy!

14. How do you ask nicely?

15.  What do you say? (after being given something)

16. What did you say? (try to translate completely unintelligible words)

17. You have to share

18. Shall we go and find daddy?

19. Come here please

20. What are you doing?

21. Stop crying

22. It’s ok

23. Clever girl

24. You look beautiful

25. I love you

I’ve found that the vocabulary that I use with the little lady has changed over time as she has grown and become more independent. However I’m sure that most parents of toddlers will be familiar with and use most of these from time to time, if not most of the time!

What phrases you find yourself using ALL the time?


14 thoughts on “25 things you’ll find yourself saying to a toddler all the time

  1. Two things I didn’t think I would find myself saying regularly: Eat the raisins not the box! If you lick the windows again, you’ll go on the naughty step!

  2. How many times do I have to say it?
    Flush the toilet!
    Don’t forget to wash your hands.
    Don’t drop it on the floor, put it in the bin.
    Pause it. (when watching Horrid Henry on netflix)

    I’m thinking of recording them on a permanent loop.

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