The A to Z of Me

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I was tagged by the lovely Not A Frumpy Mum to write a blog on the A – Z of me. The idea being that you write something about yourself for each letter in the alphabet. Sound difficult? Well it is. But Id like to say I had a fair stab at it. So if you’ve ever wondered who the mummy behind My Petit Canard actually is, here’s a bit about me:

A is for Afternoon Tea. I absolutely adore going for afternoon tea. I love the quaintness of it all. Eating sandwiches with cutlery, drinking tea from bone china, scones with lots of jam and cream and beautiful cakes that look like miniature works of art.

B is for Blogging and My Petit Canard. In case you were wondering, im not French, but My Petit Canard was a term of endearment that I used when I used to talk to my daughter when she was in my tummy. So when I decided to start a blog about my experiences of motherhood, it felt like it only made sense to use that same term, and voila, My Petit Canard was born.

C is for Cakes. I have a very sweet tooth and absolutely love cakes of all types. I’m the type of girl who wouldn’t think twice about starting a meal with dessert or having one instead of dinner.

D is for Daughter. I have a five month old daughter who I absolutely adore and cherish. She keeps me on my toes most of the time, but I love being her mummy and wouldn’t change her for the world.

E is for Entertaining. I love entertaining and hosting. Christmas, birthdays, baby showers, christenings, weddings, any excuse really. I love the planning and preparation and getting everything just so. But above all, I love showing friends and family a good time.

F is for Family and Friends. I have both a small family and a small circle of friends. I may not get to see all of them very often, but I’m the type of person that doesn’t have friends for friends sake, so those that I consider friends and family are held very closely and dearly to my heart.

G is for God. I never usually write or really talk about the fact that I’m a Christian. I’m not the type of person that forces their faith or views on others, but I would really like for my daughter to be brought up having the same type of faith in God.

H is for Handbags. Just like shoes, I have a bit of a thing for handbags. I never really used to be that bothered by handbags until a few years ago. I’m not sure if it was when I started working in the city, or when my husband bought me my first Mulberry bag, but somewhere along the line I started to love and lust over beautiful handbags. There’s nothing quite like the smell of a nice new handbag – im pretty sure its the equivalent of the new car smell for men!

I is for Indecisive. I’m really bad at making small, insignificant, everyday decisions. I have often missed out on pretty good deals and opportunities because it has taken me so long to make a decision. It annoys me, and it annoys my husband even more.

J is for Jazz. I adore Jazz music. I find it so soothing and relaxing, it instantly transports me and puts me in a good mood wherever I am.

K is for Karma. Because I’m a great believer in what goes around comes around and you will often hear me saying this.

L is for London. Im a London girl at heart. I was raised in London but have moved further and further away from it the older I have got. I love living further out where it is a little greener and a little less crowded, but I always love it when I get to go back into London town.

M is for Management Consultant. When im not being mummy full-time, this is what I do, and I love it. I love the challenge and variety it gives me, but not the stress and the late nights.

N is for Notepad. I’m a bit of a list maker, so I have quite a few notepads lieing around the house. I make lists for pretty much everything. At times I have multiple lists for the same thing which can get a bit confusing – I should probably write a list of all the lists I have so I can keep track!

O is for OCD. I don’t actually have OCD, but I would definitely say I have OCD tendencies when it comes to things like gift wrapping and planning events. Although I’m sure my husband would prefer it to be on something useful like cleaning!

P is for Petite. I take after my mother and am rather on the petite size. I am 5ft and not an inch more or an inch less. I quite enjoy being petite and never really realise quite how short I am until I see photos, which is probably quite a good thing otherwise Id probably have that short person syndrome where you try to overcompensate in some awful way or another.

Q is for Quidco. Quidco isn’t something that Ive actually used for very long, but I seem to be completely obsessed with it at the moment.

R is for Roast Dinner. A roast with all the trimmings has to be one of my all time favourite meals. I love to cook it and I love to eat it.

S is for Shoes. I have a bit of a thing for shoes of the high-heeled kind. Ok, a lot of a thing for shoes. But less so since the little lady came along and I can find less and less reasons and places to wear them to.

T is for Twenty Nine. My age in years as of tomorrow (Wednesday), and I must say I’m quite looking forward to heading towards the big 3-0.

U is for Understanding. I like to think that I am quite an understanding and empathetic kind of person. It would be one of the words I would hope friends and family would use to describe me!

V is for Vodka and Coke. My drink of choice, and one that I havent had for a very long time now, (at the risk of sounding like an alcoholic) 14 months to be precise. My preferred tipple is Grey Goose, and I got quite upset recently when my husband accidentally smashed an unopened 1 litre bottle of it all over the kitchen floor.

W is for Watches. Another thing that I have a little bit of a thing for. I have a couple of lovely Michael Kors numbers that I love to wear anywhere and everywhere. They instantly make me feel a little bit more dressed up everyday.

X is for Xmas. Xmas, or rather Christmas as I like to call it is one of my absolute favourite times of year. The festivities feel even more magical now that we have a daughter to celebrate it with. I cant wait to start creating our own family traditions.

Y is for Yoga. I’m not quite a yogi, but I have done yoga on and off for years. I find it such a relaxing and enjoyable release for my body when I do get the chance to do it.

Z is for Zara. My absolute favourite store and wardrobe staple of choice. I can quite happily spend an age in one of their stores perusing all the lovely, lovely, lovely things. If you ever bump into me on the high street, chances are it’ll be in a Zara.

So there you have it, the A – Z of My Petit Canard. Following the A – Z of me tradition, Id like to tag (and im really hoping they haven’t already been tagged) Charlie and Mummy, Dilly Bug Dj, Teacher 2 Mummy,  Puddin and Pie and Dancing with Dirty Feet!


Becoming mummy

Today I wrote my Christmas list for the husband. Usually by this time of the year I have more than plenty of ideas of the nicest this and the latest that, that he could buy me. In fact, I usually have a list so long that I write everything down in order of preference. But not this year. This year I seem to lack inspiration. Not just because Ive spent the last four months obsessing over all the lovely dresses, jackets and shoes that I could buy the little lady instead of keeping one eye on whats new in Zara each week, but because I seem to be in the midst of what I can only describe as some kind of identity crisis.

It sounds so cliche, but let me explain. Ive never been one to think that just because you become a mummy you have to dress like one. In fact, I aspire to be the epitome of the yummy mummy. However, my daydreams of being a mother have always rather oddly featured me in soft draping cardigans and sumptuous cashmere, out shopping or hosting Sunday lunch with my imaginary brood. The reality is though, that at 28 I couldn’t be further from this daydream that has been running in the background of my mind for the last few years, and therein lies the problem.

After years of figuring out what my style is, with a quite a few faux pas in between, I finally know what suits me, and what doesn’t. I know what colours to wear and what cuts to buy. I know how something will hang on my body before I try it or buy it. I can quite confidently say that I know what works for my body. But there is something about having a child that makes you consciously yet subtly consider the way you dress. That makes you start to question “what type of mummy” you want to look like, because after all mummys come in all shapes and sizes, and that is the dilema I suddenly faced when I sat down this afternoon. What type of mummy am I. What do I want to look like. How do I want to be perceived. Because lets face it, everyone knows that first impressions are formed in just seconds whether we like it or not. You could argue that becoming a mummy doesnt mean having to change your style. After all, you are still you. Arent you?..I thought I was, up until this afternoon. But then I realised that something had changed. Subtly. Without me even noticing it. Window shopping online previously would have kept me happily entertained for hours, but today I just couldnt quite find anything that piqued my interest, and I realised that it was because I wasnt quite sure how I want to look now that I am a mummy. Ive been so used to working in the city for years, and my career being such a big part of my life that my work wardrobe overshadows my casual wardrobe by a long way. In fact, I have much prefered my work wardrobe for a long time, and shopping trips over the last few years have been very much focused on building out the work wardrobe I so adore and cherish. My casual wardrobe has been a bit of an afterthought for quite some time, which wasnt a problem, until now. Now that I spend more time in my casual wardrobe than I had ever imagined.

I realise now that a big part of my identity has been what I do for a living, but like my wardrobe that is being overshadowed by my new role as a mummy and I seriously need some new clothes to go with it. I want to look sophiscated, yet need funtionality because realistically what mummy totters to Baby Sensory classes in court shoes. I want to look chic, yet come across as approachable, because what new mummy doesnt want to make friends at messy play. I want to be as on trend as I was in the city, yet I want to be comfortable when im trying to balance the car seat, the changing bag and the shopping bags all at the same time. But most of all I want to look and feel confident in how I represent this new part of my identity through the way that I dress and carry myself when I’m with my daughter.